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Cree Nation of Waskaganish

Tourism in Waskaganish

Waskaganish (Cree for Little House) is a Cree Communities of well over 2000 people which is beautifully located at the mouth of the Rupert River, on the south side of James Bay, in the Eeyou Ischee territory In Northern Quebec, Canada. Formerly call Fort Rupert, location is one three original Hudson’s bay Company posts on James Bay, the other two being Fort Albany on the west shore , Moose Factory on the south.

Waskaganish is a wonderful place to relax while taking in the natural beauty of our vast territory of the Rupert River and bay, it’s the first community accessible via the James Bay Highway. From Waskaganish from here you can further travel north to the other Cree Communities of Eastmain, Wemindji and Chisasibi, and visit La Grande Hydroelectric Complex or explore the surrounding wildness in any season. However of course after spending a night or two in our exceptional comfortable lodge and sampling of some local cuisine in the region’s best Cree chefs.


Discover Unique Experiences

Discover our unique experiences with artists and artisans of the Cree Nation of Waskaganish and see the land through the eyes of the Crees and discover and share the native culture and traditions, admire the boreal territory and its natural surroundings. You might even get the chance to tour by boat the Rupert bay with a certified boat operator.

We see tourism as an opportunity to proactively protect and further develop our rich cultural heritage and awareness. We want to promote sustainable methods of tourism by supporting the involvement and participation of local residents. We encourage the participation of our visitors so that your journey is one of personal discovery.

Experience the Cree Way of Life

Our experience hunters and trappers can help you find the best spots for whatever activity you have planned from canoeing to wilderness camping or fishing guide. We can guide you in our beautiful rivers, lakes and nature based activities and for exceptional back country or help you to navigate the many snowmobiles trails that wind through our vast territory.

We hope you’ll accept our invitation to joins us in Waskaganish for a few days or longer. Share in our rich natural and cultural heritage. Whatever your interest or skills, we will make sure you have a great experience here in the heart of Eeyou Istchee.

Activities in Waskaganish

Come and discover our unique on of kind of experiences in the Cree Nation of Waskaganish and see the land through the eyes of the Cree; share the native culture, our traditions and vast experience and knowledge of the territory and its natural surroundings.  We see tourism as an opportunity to proactively protect and further develop our rich culture heritage and awareness. We want to promote sustainable methods by supporting the involvement and participation of local resident; we encourage the participant of our visitors so that your journey is one of personal discovery.

Many residents of the Cree Community of Waskaganish are expert trappers and tallymen, born and raised in the bush. Their extensive knowledge and collective experience of the natural surroundings is passed down by generations of the Cree. Today, the land speak through them. They are excellent communication and storytellers, and have for many years, led groups’ expeditions from France, Germany and the United States. The Waskaganish Community will ensure that the travel experience is educational and meaningful for both the host and visitor.

Two important traditional activities are part of the life in Waskaganish. The Goose hunt in the spring and the Moose Hunt in the fall. These unique experiences provide a window into the ancestral traditional Cree life.


Summer/ Fall Season: June to November - Moose Break

In the summer, the community host all sort of summer activities and our annual Aboriginal Day on June 21 of every year the Cultural Department host this important day to celebrate in hosting all sorts of traditional activities of all ages. One of our old practices is the walking out ceremony to games and the enjoyment of the whole community feast of old acquaintances to making new friends. And in the fall we have our annual scooping of white fish at Smokey Hill traditional site. And in November our families set for their traditional trap line for the annual moose hunt.

The following are some high light events to see or offer.

  • Sight Seeing tours ( natural environment)
  • Historical Portage trails explorations
  • Visit historical / traditional sites ( Smokey Hill)
  • Experience traditional & cultural lifestyles of local residents
  • Taste small portions of traditional foods prepared by the Cree host in a traditional teepee
  • Camps Stories to Arts and Crafts demonstrations around a warm evening camp fire/ oral history / Cree legends
  • Sleep under the stars in traditional tee-pee and if you’re lucky you could see the wonderful night with glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Winter Season: January 15- April 15 - The Goose Break

This time of the year we have various winter activities and every year we have local youth participating in winter journeys out on the land and it’s something you could see and enjoy with family and friends. We are capable of host your needs in this winter walks among our local guides upon your requests. Many other events are planned and it’s just matter of a letting us know ahead of time. In mid-April of members start going in the bush for goose break up till in Mid-May for goose break for two weeks for the annual hunt.

We have various winter activities but upon the client’s needs and request depending what your adventure is please don’t hesitate to give us a call in order to ensure your requests and plans are met by our local guides. Thank you and we hope to see you let us catering you of your plans.

For more information please contact the Local Tourism officer at (819) 895-8650 extension 3237.

To Book packages in Eeyou Istchee Baie-James, please consult at

Travelling to Waskaganish


Air Creebec Flights

There are daily flights (except for weekends) to Waskaganish via Aircreebec from Montreal, Val D'or, Chibogamau and all other Cree communities.
The flights are short and inflight meals and snacks are served while on route. Bring along a camera to take pictures of the cree territory from up above.


Waskaganish is easily accesible by road via any major city or town in Quebec. Located on the Rupert River/James Bay, Waskaganish is connected to all other communities. There are 2 possible routes you can take by road.

Billy Diamond Highway

Formally the James Bay Highway (the northern most paved highway in Eastern Canada) starts at Matagami and goes all the way to Radisson. This route is the most common route for travellers passing through Val D'or or Amos.

Route du Nord

The Route du Nord (North Road) is an isolated gravel road that connects Chibogamau with the James Bay Road (French: Route de la Baie James) at km 275. It is 407 kilometers (253 mi) long, all of it unpaved. While a detour, on the way to Waskaganish one can visit the Cree community of Nemaska, located on the Champion Lake.