Public Works


Public Works is composed of the following departments:

  • Maintenance of Band Equipment
  • Maintenance of Public Buildings
  • Maintenance of Roads and Walkways
  • Environment Health
  • Water & Sewer

Public Works is committed to providing professional services to the Cree Nation of Waskaganish by performing the following seasonal tasks such as:

  • Maintenance of roads and walkways
  • Removal of snow
  • Maintenance of commercial buildings
  • Collecting daily sanitation
  • Beautifying the community
  • Sweeping street
  • Putting up street signs
  • Maintaining street drainage system
  • Repairing water and sewer system

For inquirers or concerns please contact the following:

Willie Shecapio        Director                                                819-895-8650 ext. 3282

Barry Blackned        Roads & Walkways Supervisor         819-895-8746

Denny Dannrath     Public Band Building Supervisor       819-895-2335

Douglas Jolly           Water Works Supervisor                     819-895-2400