Waskaganish 350th Anniversary

Help us celebrate Waskaganish in all its beauty and wonder!

Music & Dance

Rupert River Sports Complex

Doors open: 6:45PM
Concert Starts at: 7:30 PM

For Tickets
See Harvey Blackned, Pierette Salt or Darryl S. Hester at Cree Nation of
Waskaganish Head Office.

From July 16-19, 2018
Tickets will be sold at the Gathering Place during the Tradeshow

After Blue Rodeo Performance. Place to be announced at Concert.


Gathering Place Gymnasium

Art Symposium/Tradeshow - Workshops

Cultural Site & Kanio Kashee Shoreline

Traditional Activities & Games

Gathering Place Gymnasium

Art Symposium/Tradeshow

Various Locations

Other Special Events


Many towns and cities are proud of their history, and rightly so. However, our small Cree community on the shore of James Bay is a town that has made history for not only its people, but for all First Nations as well as for Canada itself. It is with pride that we celebrate our 350th anniversary. In 1668 it was the birthplace and then in 1670, the first trading settlement of the famous Hudson’s Bay Company. It was the first ‘capital’ and governor’s residence for the huge colony of Rupert’s Land; a colony that included most of Canada and parts of the United States. The townsite, or a nearby location, was the 1610-11 wintering site of the ill-fated Henry Hudson expedition looking for the fabled Northwest Passage and an island in our archipelago was the 1632-33 wintering site of the Thomas James Northwest Passage expedition and thus the site of. Charles Town, one of the earliest towns in the Canadian North after the Viking settlement and the ancient fishing communities in Newfoundland and Labrador.

350th Anniversary Publications & Schedules

Jun 23 2021

Public Notice- COVID-19 Public advisory on Tourism Activities

This is to inform all tourists that tourism activities are suspended until further notice due to COVID-19 pandemic. There have been requests received at our administration office from tourists planning…

Jun 8 2021

Public Notice to all eligible voters of the Cree Nation of Waskaganish respecting the 2021 elections for the offices of Deputy Chief and four(4) councilors

Office of the Returning Officer Notice is hereby given to the Electors of the Cree Nation of Waskaganish that an election has been called on Tuesday, July 13, 2021 for…

Apr 23 2020

Emergency Food Access Program

Cree Nation of Waskaganish had developed this new initiative to assist families in purchasing essential food items such as bread, milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, fresh meat, healthy snacks…

Nov 22 2018

350th Anniversary Fall Celebrations

On behalf of the Council of the Cree Nation of Waskaganish, the Elder’s Council and the Youth Council, I would like to welcome you to Waskaganish as we commemorate our…

Jul 9 2018

350th Anniversary Summer Celebrations

On behalf of the Council of the Cree Nation of Waskaganish, the Elder’s Council and the Youth Council, we would like to welcome you to Waskaganish as we commemorate our…

May 23 2018

350th Anniversary Spring Celebrations

On behalf of the Council of the Cree Nation of Waskaganish, the Elder’s Council and the Youth Council,  we would like to welcome you to Waskaganish as we commemorate our…

Message from Chief Darlene Cheechoo


On behalf of the Council of the Cree Nation of Waskaganish, the Elder’s Council and the Youth Council, I would like to welcome you to Waskaganish as we commemorate our 350th year. The third event of this year’s festivities takes place on July 16-22, 2018.

We would like to share with you, through traditional activities, games and demonstrations, some of the skills and knowledge that have enabled us to survive and thrive through the ages and up to modern day. During the commemoration events, you shall meet some of our highly regarded traditional artisans from Waskaganish and the Cree territory.

We proudly maintain our strong connection to the land and waters within our territory and to the activities which are so integral to our culture and identity. We are grateful for all of our elders who are eager to share the wealth of their knowledge and life experience.

Come and enjoy the family activities, games, workshops and demonstrations that are usually done during the summer. In addition to the activities, join us at the entertainment venue where the following musicians will be performing: Blue Rodeo, Kashtin, Kashkun, Melisa Pash and many other performers.

Looking forward to seeing you in Waskaganish for the summer event and festivities! God Bless You All!

Chief Darlene Cheechoo
Deputy Chief Samson Wischee
William T. Hester, Elder Chairman
Youth Chief Conrad Blueboy

Message from the 350th Anniversary Celebration Committee

350th Anniversary Celebration Logo

Waachiyehkw misiwe! Greetings to all! The Waskaganish 350th Anniversary celebrations organizing committee welcomes you to our community! Since time immemorial the site on which Waskaganish is built was known as “Kaneyaauhkaatshiid”. It served as a summer gathering place for our people. In 1668, the establishment of the first trading post in James Bay not only changed Kaneyaauhkaatshiid into a permanent settlement but is also gave birth to its name. Waskaganish which means “little house” in the Cree language and is in reference the little house built to serve as the first trading post.

Included on this website is all the information you will need to enjoy the Summer Edition of the 350th Anniversary Celebrations which run from July 16-22. We encourage you to visit the display booths of our many talented Eeyou/Eenou artists/craftsmen. One of our objectives is to showcase the many Cree crafts, traditional tools, techniques and skills used by our people since time immemorial. These artists/ craftsmen will also conduct workshops for those interested in learning how to make Cree traditional tools and garments.

We thank those that have traveled near or far to join us. Like our ancestors in the days of old, we welcome again you to Kaneyaauhkaatshiid! Together we will feast, play games, sing and dance as we celebrate the 350th anniversary of Waskaganish!

Thanks again! Enjoy Waskaganish in all its beauty and wonder!

350th Anniversary Celebration Planning Committee

Charles J. Hester, Director of Culture, Sports and Leisure

Darryl S. Hester, 350th Anniversary Coordinator

Stacy Bear, Cultural Department - Member

Ryan Erless, Director of Community Services - Member

Hugo Cowboy, Recreation Department - Member

Jimmy (Tim) Whiskeychan, Tourism Coordinator - Member

Conrad Blueboy, Youth Chief - Member

William T. Hester, Elders Council - Member

Simeon Trapper, Elders Council - Member

Ruth Salt, Elders Council - Member

Roy Weistche, Community Planner - Member

A. Thomas Hester, Communications Officer - Member

Walter Hester Jr., Local Radio - Member

Darryl J. Salt, Cree Trappers Association - Member

Bradley Wyman, Northern Store Manager - Member

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