The Gathering Place

With our growing population and the demand from the members of community or entities comes with an increased for the use of the Gathering Place annually. This past year we were successful to accommodate most of the demand(s) but not to the satisfactory of some of the Youth and Local Entities. But we are all aware and anxiously awaiting from the new community center.

Like every year the Gathering Place is very busy in hosting numerous events and we do the best we can trying to balance the availability of the Gymnasium. The following is a sample of events we hosted: Weddings and Dances; Local and Regional Tournaments; Funerals; Camp Meetings; Workshops; General Assemblies; Conferences; Concerts.

The Gymnasium is the main place where community events happen and we attempt to open Seven days a week. For this reason; we do not use a permanent schedule but try to target all age groups.

Elder’s Room
The Elder’s Room is used for meetings by the elders and private meetings by various groups or entities. This room is also used as a kitchen for community feasts and as well as election polling station. Basic TV Channel were set up, also purchased PS3 with games for youth and children.

Pool Hall
Waskaganish First Nation Youth Department has operated the Cross Corner Pool Hall.

This room was used in different ways to accommodate the needs of the local members and entities; Such as feasts, meetings, etc.. Since the fall it has been rented for the ENCS training.
The Fitness Center and the Cardio Room are in operation all year round. We provide office space to: Waaskaahiikahn Construction, CNACA, and Cree Nation Youth Council.

The Gathering Place has seven permanent employees and we hire temporary employees to fill four positions to assist in daily operations of this facility. The Youth Employment Programs helps us to efficiently maintain a smooth operation of this facility.

Samson Wischee, Staff Office Administrator; Veronica Moses, Receptionist/Secretary; Freddie Shecapio, Maintenance; George Moses, Assistant to maintenance; Nancy Hester, Hannah Shecapio and Hazel Blueboy, Janitorial Services; Glen Katapatuk and Marlon Blackned, Security.

Samson Wishchee
GP Administrator