Summer Student Employment Program

  • To expose young individuals to wide variety of life and work experiences that will encourage personal growth, development of new skills and increase self-confidence.
  • To provide young individuals with an opportunity to contribute their time and energy towards the betterment of the community.
  • To provide extracurricular activities for young individuals during the summer time.
  • To provide guidance and support to the career aspiration of the young individuals.
  • To promote the development of leadership skills to the youth.
The Waskaganish First Nation Youth Department received funds from the Cree/Quebec fund in the amount of $262,602.00, Youth Employment Program for $ 61,928.00 other monies that were being worked on from the summer students Employment placement in the amount of $324,530.00 these fund program were implemented at the same time in the fiscal year of 2011-2012.

Administration of the Program
The program was administrated by the Youth Department of the Waskaganish First Nation, The Coordinator of Youth Programs and the Assistant Youth Coordinator were responsible for the planning and the carrying out of this program, the terms and conditions set by the band council and the school committee during the implementation of the program.


Local students
  • A student must have successfully completed Secondary 3 Level
  • Must obtain a letter of recommendations from the school administration/Homeroom Teacher
  • Must not be a Welfare percipient.
Previous High School Graduates & Out of School
  • Preference given to high school graduates
  • Must not be a welfare recipient
  • Must have been out of school for over at least a year
  • Minimum age to qualify under this category is 17 yearsof age
Post-Secondary Students
  • Must not be a welfare recipient
  • Required to submit recent transcripts as proof of studies this past semester
  • Required to provide a letter of acceptance from a Post-Secondary institution that they will attend this fall

Hiring and students Placement Policy
There were two different policies that were applied to the S.S.E.P. Post-Secondary who wanted to apply to the program are required to submit a curriculum vita to the Youth Department office. They were to enclose a cover letter identifying an occupation of interest and that was relevant to their studies. This was done to ensure that a complete education and work experience background of all the Post-Secondary Students were exposed. In this way, we attempted to make a full use of their qualifications.

Furthermore, Post-Secondary Students were the first ones to be considered for employment with this present policy in use, it was more likely that the Post-Secondary Students was going to receive a position of his/her choice than a secondary student. However, in the past post-secondary student had accepted the position of their second choice due to the limited number of administrative technical position available within the community.

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General Labour

The coordinator of Youth Programs and the supervisors met before the students began working their groups could do over the summer, during this meeting the policies and procedures were discussed that the supervisors would submit weekly reports just to outline the progress for the students and their work.

This year we started off with 4 groups of General Labour students, 2 groups of males and 1 group of females and 1 group of both male and female. The female group spent the whole summer cleaning outside of community. One of the male group spent the whole summer putting up fences in total they put up 5 fences. One male group spent the whole summer cutting grass around the community. It was a very good summer with the General Labour Crew very busy and very hard working individuals.

Other Employment Areas
The student’s youth were also employed in the following band department, as in previous years, we ask each of the following departments to go on a cost-sharing basis, but the program will cover 100% of the salary for the duration and the host/employer would be invoiced 50% of the cost-sharing statement at the end of the program.
  • Band Administration
  • Band Accounting Department
  • Cree Trappers Association
  • Air Creebec
  • Capital Works labour
  • Recreation/minor Sports
  • Rental Housing Maintenance
  • Gathering place
  • Sarah Stephen Memorial Arena
  • Waskaganish Band Garage
  • Maintenance Department
  • C.H.B Social Services
  • Blackned Construction
  • Jacob’s Restaurant

Cheryl Weistche
Coordinator of Youth Programs