Sports and Leisure Programs

Leisure & Sport Programs Coordinator was established on October 2008. It supports various aspects of leisure and sport that is needed to make Waskaganish a healthier community. The leisure and sports programs department had organized numerous events for 2011-2012 fiscal year. The student summer enrichment program from the youth department had provided their services to hire students. Christina Jonah was placed on this department as an assistant for leisure and sports programs coordinator. She started working from June to August for the summer.

Winter Carnival: March 30 – April 4, 2011
The event was lasted six (6) days and organized several winter activities for all ages, such as;
Sliding, Hockey & broomball skills, snowshoe races, skeet shooting, toboggan races, ski races, wood contests, indoor leisure games & snowshoe cross country race.

The activities were balanced out to all ages in each day. One of the tremendous achievements for this event was parent involvement. There were parents that came with their children and observe them while they participated with excitement.

Snowshoe Cross Country Race: April 1st, 2012
Snowshoe cross country race was organized as one of the major event for part of the winter carnival. This event was the first time that was organized something like this in our community. It was an extraordinary event; the members were amazed how it was planned.

The participants had to snowshoe walk or run for certain kilometers. They had to register and sign their names at every checkpoints was placed. The female category had 8 kilometers distance to complete the race. The male category had 10 kilometers distance to complete the race. The spectators had full visual of the entire races for both categories. The races departed and completed by down the Rupert River. This event was promoted for culture & health.

This event was very successful and community members were looking forward to involve other events like this. The expense for the event was $ 38,986.85.

Community Activities: March 15 – April 15, 2011
This event was organized in various activities for all ages. There were nine (9) activities and six (6) theme days scheduled in one (1) month. The following are: Broomball Flip, Local team banners contest, Bon Jovi trivia, Coloring contest, Garbage Box Contest, one (1) day coed pitoune tournament, Hockey Radio Show, & Best Decorated Window There were also different theme days, which are; NHL hat logo day, pajamas day, Jogging pants day, Dress up day, Show your playoffs day, & concert t-shirt day.
The goal for this event was to have a community spirit with enjoyable various activities each day. The members were happy to have activities planned every day. The expense for this event was $12,305.00.

Spring Hunt Games: April 19-22, 2012
Spring Hunt Games is an annual event from the recreation department. The activities were targeted from young and old. The events took place at various locations such as: live from radio station, outdoors, & at gathering place, and others.

The scheduled activities were: Goose calling, Merchandise Bingo, Skeet Shooting, Slingshot targets, Most camouflage person, Family scavenger hunt, & cake contest. For all the games that were played, the awards to the winning participants were traditional items and few cash prizes. All the winners were randomly picked by a draw for their prize. The expenses for this event was $10,000.00

Lifeguard program: June – August 2011
Each summer, lifeguarding program is organized to provide safety and protection to all swimmers. For the past five (5) years, the leisure department has been responsible to search for a certified lifeguard in Ottawa, Ontario. Lifeguarding begins in the morning until in the evening with seven (7) days a week.
The expense for one (1) lifeguard is $5,000. For travel and groceries, it costs $9,000. The total expense for this program was approximately $13,000.

Minute to Win it – July 18, 2011
Minute to Win it was scheduled to proceed on Monday, July 18th, 2011 at the Gathering Place at 7:00 pm. The registrations were done on the air at the radio station on July 12 & 13, 2011; we had 56 callers. Teams were made up randomly and had 8 players with 7 teams all together.
The supporting staffs during the event were S.S.E.P students and TMSI students. The expenses for this event was $12,100.00

Drama Program: August 14-20, 2011
This program was summarized with their written report by the instructors Meagan Deere and Kyle Hamilton. The financial cost was estimated at $6,100.00

Fishing Derby: August 15-17, 2011
This event was participated by all ages from children, youth to adults. The goal was to target the community involvement, also parent involvement with a social and physical activity. For the additional services were needed & construct by the Waskaganish band maintenance crew. The cabin was setup at the bank of Rupert River to be used for the weighing and inspection station all fished. Afterwards, all fish would be cooked and enjoyed to all participants and spectators and to the staff. The financial cost for this event was $8,600.00

Massage Program: August 21- 26, 2011
The professional instructor for this program, Arlene Lentz , was from Edmonton, Alberta.
This event was its third year organized for our community, each year we had more clients that require serious health matters and had more response from the clients.
This year her schedule was full, she had 32 clients all together with 8 clients per day. The program was held for four (4) days. The expenses for this event was approximately

There were fifteen (15) events that were organized for 2011-2012 fiscal year. These events were targeted to all ages group both female, male genders. It was a great year, see you all for our upcoming 2012-2013 fiscal year organized events and hope you come & participate. For more details please see the department annual report.

Mary Jane Salt
Sports and Leisure Programs Coordinator