Minor Sports

Our goal is to reach out to more children, to build participation and promote a healthy lifestyle.
We would like to thank everyone who has been part of the Minor Sports: the children who showed their interest and participated in our events and the volunteers who helped, as well as the parents who show their support.

James Bay Minor Hockey League
Our Community had 6 teams participating and in every category, Pre-Novice Hockey to midget hockey. Our teams went to play against the coastal teams from Whapmagoostui, Chisasibi, Wemindji Eastmain and Nemaska. They played gala style this past year, we feel it was more simple that way instead of playing community by community. Peewee team was the only team that went to regional championships in Barraute, Quebec.

Federation Hockey tournaments
Novice to Midget Hockey went to play to Matagami federation tournament. It’s an organized tournament with championship winners. Atom A and Peewee A won the championships.

Minor Hockey and Broomball Tournaments
We participated in Nemaska, Timmins, Chisasibi and Val d’or tournament this past year, both hokey and broomball went to finals in Nemaska, not all categories were there but Atom hockey won the championships and the novice broomball. Some teams managed to go to tournaments without financial help from the Minor Sports. We are proud of our players this year they worked very hard , next season will be greater than this past year, once the new hockey program will be there.

Referee Clinic
There are certain levels on coaching and referee clinics, we try to get as much people to join the clinics. We need a lot of referees locally, when we host a James Bay Minor Hockey League games during a weekend, we need certified referees to start the games. Also we need coaches to be certified in order to have a team, every year we struggle with this, with not many people interested in coaching.

Play On
Is a new event that we started participating in, which takes place in Ottawa, Ontario. Last year we took boys ages 12-13 years old, 7 boys are being selected from the minor sports to participate in the play on 4 on 4 street ball hockey tournament. The team lost in the semifinals last year but they enjoyed their games and the trip as well. We decided that different ages will participate every year.

Mini Prince and Princess Pageant
One of the events we organized this past year and it was a successful event, we had many beautiful princesses and handsome princes participating. It was exciting to see what they brought to the stage as their talents. We look forward to have it every year and hopefully to get more participants.

We have both the juvenile boys and girls basketball teams that are attending tournaments in the other Cree communities, both teams are very talented players, they always go far in the tournaments. A couple of the players were selected to play in the rising stars tournament in Chisasibi. It was a successful year for both teams.

Softball league/T-ball
This is an activity that we hope will take off in the community. For now we are looking for children to enroll as well as coaches and trainers. We are hoping that new programs for soccer, football and healthy eating will be implemented in the coming year.

Martina Cowboy
Minor Sports Coordinator