Public Health

The public health office works in conjunction with community services and networks with regional and provincial organizations to provide services to the community members.
The major file administered presently is Health Canada’s Common Experience (CEP) compensation and the Independent Assessment Process (IAP) aimed at mitigating the effects of the residential school experience. The Waskaganish Wellness Society administers two programs: Resolution Health Support Worker and Cultural Support Program. To this date 371 Waskaganish members and former residential students were clients of Common Experience Payment:
  • (17) Clients are in the (IAP) Independent Assessment Process.
  • In Eeyou Istchee there are 2257 former residential school students were clients for (CEP) Common Experience Payment
  • 35 in IAP either in the process or have been compensated
Two years ago Cree Health Board has started the same support network for the regional area throughout our Cree communities. It will be 8 years that we have provided this service regionally, locally for Waskaganish band and Quebec Cree members who are out of the community or province.

For more information on the Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program please visit Health Canada website here 
Certified training is given by Dennis Windego for 3 local workers 2 local workers in Cree Health Board workers and the Public Health Officer. This therapy training program helps to deal with issues that come from the trauma of residential schools. There was one more module done with 6 graduates from Eeyou Istchee including more from Vancouver in July 2012. Additional support for frontline workers strengthens the worker with this training. Funding was given by the Waskaganish band and the Waskaganish Wellness Society. It is hopeful that next year more frontline workers can take the training.

Focusing-oriented therapy (F.O.T) and Complex Trauma
The Aboriginal Peoples Training Programs is offering a one year certification program in Montreal Quebec starting in September 2011. The Focusing-Oriented Therapy (F.O.T) and Complex Trauma certificate is an advanced 21-day, 7 course program that uses Focusing- oriented therapy as a safe and effective method of working with clients who experience complex trauma. FOT has been especially well received in Aboriginal communities because of
its humanistic, person-centred approach to healing, which reflects the core values of respect and non-interference. For more information about FOT, visit 

Proposals for Culture and Health issues
The department is engaged in developing proposals for culture and health issues in conjunction with the CTA and local elders. Utilizing existing resources in the community is key to engaging members in identifying needs and opportunities. Cree knowledge and traditions contribute a better understanding and provide solutions to rapid changes in our social and health status. Our objectives for culturally framed programming are:
  • Individuals will retain cultural life style
  • Getting a healthier lifestyle by learning morals and principles
  • Family and community relationships and communication
  • Explore traditional teachings base on Cree values of truth, honesty, humility, respect, love, courage and wisdom