LAN Department

Currently the Technical Department employs two (2) employees; the LAN Administrator, Anthony Moses, and the LAN Assistant, Monique Jolly. Together, they look after the network server and provide assistance to the employees as needed. It is a challenge to stay current with the technological changes but we manage to keep everyone busy at their computers. It gives me pleasure to insert the LAN Administrator’s report.

The LAN Administrator supervises the installation, maintenance and operation of the local area network and associated computer hardware and software for all departments within the WFN. The objectives for the year were to evaluate all of the needs of the departments and maintain the servers with in the Waskaganish Band Office Building. They are Server1, which controls all of the network’s architect, user’s active directory, user’s passwords and the entire drive mapping to employee user data drives. Server2 is the EMAIL server that controls everyone’s accounts, usernames and connection to their Server1 U: Drive accounts. Server3 is the File management server that hosts all of the employee’s data, User Drive data and accounting data.

The LAN Department established a set of Primary Goals and Secondary Goals at the beginning of the 2011 – 2012 Fiscal Year and is proud to end the year with a completion of a majority of the primary goals and a completion of some unforeseen scenarios. The costs of toners for all the printers have declined this year and we encourage the employees to continue to consider the amount of toner and paper used for an entire year.
This past year we began to replace old Seanix models of Windows XP Professional with new HP Models/Windows 7 Professional. Each new PC came with Core i5 and Corei7 processors, 4 GB of RAM and better hard drives.

In December we implemented a new Server to take over the old DCHP Server and re-create the entire active directory. The old server will now be used as aback-up domain should anything happen to the new system.

Many of the old PC was scrapped for parts and the rest were shipped to the recycling plant in Val d’Or. Day to day maintenance was provided as much as possible to keep up with errors that employees were encountering throughout the year. Towards the end of the year, there was an outbreak of spyware. Problem appears to be neutral; however, the network has become frustratingly slow and is still currently under investigation.
I have exhausted most of the resources available and beginning to believe that it may be a hardware issue with a Cisco Router or a Telebec issue. New back up tape drives were also installed to accommodate the new Domain Controller and Accounting department.

In the months of December and March, I established some communication between the CRA and ECN to find out what their plan was for Waskaganish as far as the Fiber Optic Network was concerned. Scheduled meetings and sent out invitations for the participants to present a plan to the Council. This is still ongoing.

Primary Goals and Objectives
  • Installed a new domain controller server
  • Complete the Blackberry Enterprise Software for
  • Outlook
  • Replaced the old Seanix Computers
  • Start the Windows 7 migration
Secondary Objectives
  • Maintain the network and keep applying the patches for all servers
  • Printers/Toners inventory was kept up to date
One area I would like to invest in this year is more training to the staff in office software. There was some great feedback from employees that were able to attend the last training in 2010. Unfortunately many employees had scheduling conflicts and were unable to attend. Perhaps this year I will have 2 sessions.

Power supplies in computers are crashing in old PCs and were replaced, therefore we will continue migrating the current PCs to more updated technology.

Thank you

Anthony Moses
LAN Administrator