Public Works

There are four (4) departments that are under the responsibility of the Public Works Director.

Water Works Department
There are four (4) employees and one (1) advisor, Mr. Louie Mathieu, from Montreal who assists the employees at the Water Treatment Plant. In July, the company Nordikeau was given a one year contract to operate the Water Treatment Plant and to provide the professional training to the staff on everyday operations.

Nordikeau is a company based in Joliette, Quebec. This company specializes in water treatment operations, maintenance and technical services. Two (2) employees have been trained on Membrane Technology and Supervisory Control and the Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems. The training was held in Walkerton, Ontario and was provided by the Cree Regional Authority.

Garage Service Department
We are eager to have the New Garage constructed. The new garage will give us a fresh start and provide a separation from the construction sector. In order for this department to provide better services for garbage collection, this year we are planning to purchase a new garbage truck. Everyone is aware that our community is vastly expanding with the addition of new homes and buildings being constructed annually.

Roads & Walkways Department
From the past General Assemblies, the community members have voiced their concerns about the road conditions within our community. There are four (4) roads that are most difficult to maintain namely, the Broadback, Pontax, Shuushuukuo, and Kaominak; however, these streets do not have proper drainage. I am aware that the Capital Works Department is planning to complete the community drainage and eventually pave all the streets.
Building Maintenance Department

There are four (4) workers who maintain buildings; specifically, the transit units, the apartment buildings and the buildings owned by the Waskaganish First Nation. This winter, we had two (2) water lines leaks. One was located at the radio station and the other was located on Pontax Street. In the future, the band maintenance department will need a new building.

In closing, I would like to thank the Public Works employees for their hard work for providing their services to our community. I would like to also thank, the Waskaganish First Nation Chief and Council for the support that they provide our department.


Willie Shecapio
Director of Public Works