Community Development

Community Development oversees the administration and management of eight (8) departments: Forestry Coordinator, Tourism Coordinator, Cultural Coordinator, Local Land Registrar, Local Environment Administrator, Economic Development Manager, Natural Resources Officer (CTA), and Administration Assistant. As such, we are responsible for key community issues as well as regional aspects that impact our community. Details on each department can be found in the following section; nevertheless we want to underline some of the main projects that we are presently undertaking.

Spring cleaning is a major event for the Environment Department and we are counting on our members to take part in this activity and to continue keeping our community peasant. Under the Forestry department the main project we had is the wood cutting program. This project has assisted numerous people in our community, not only the elders but also the low income families, people with health problems, etc. We want to extent our gratitude to Niskamoon and the Waskaganish Band for the financial support to make this project happen for the benefit of our community.

Under the Cultural department there was some minor changes. Tim Whiskeychan took nine (9) months off and was replaced by Freddie Whiskeychan since November 2011. Freddie has been doing a remarkable job so far and submitted an Elder’s wood cutting program at the Regional level and got his request approved. The project will soon be starting for those who have interest on working in this department.

The Cultural department combines certain things with the Tourism Coordinator, such as assisting tourists and provides traditional food. And of course Tourists want to see what we offer in our community in terms of entertainment and attractions. Many of whom we worked with want to see the “James Bay” as well as external travelers.

The Natural Resources Officer is working with the Local Fur Officer at the CTA office which creates a better team work for both the Regional and local level. Our local CTA General Assembly was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances; however, we are preparing the have one and all data will be provided for your better understanding of your local organization.

I am also in a process of creating another position under my department for a Mining Coordinator. Since most of you are aware mining companies are exploring more in our territory and we require someone one full time basis. Various Band employees were looking after this file, including myself but funding seems to be a problematic to certain extent.

In closing, I wish to express my appreciations to our Leadership and colleagues for the dedication and their part in making the Administration function and providing the necessary services required to our Community members.

Meegwetch and God Bless.

Bert Moar
Director of Community Development