Capital Works

These are some of the tasks and projects that were undertaken by the Capital Works Department. Our community is growing and as we all work together, we can look back and be proud as we see the results of how much we have accomplished.

Infrastructure Master Plan (IMP)
The IMP is a tool and reference for the design of all future projects. The purpose of the IMP is to plan for the required infrastructure works, water and sewer and drainage for both the short-term and long-term goals of the community. Dessau was the firm selected to work on this plan. The IMP can be modified in the future according to the new development needs. The tools help us to know what streets need replacement of old pipes, what corrections to the sewer lines need adjustments, what the future needs are and which projects are of priority.
Ten (10) Year Capital Plan
The Ten (10) Year Capital Plan is another tool that was implemented to set priorities and needs of our Community. The Company Plania is an expert in area of urban planning and have assisted us in updating this file; with the assistance of Dessau in doing Class C estimates on these projects. Allocation of funds is based on each community’s needs. This Plan was established in 2009 and yearly revisions are done on the Plan. Reporting requirements on the projects have been set by the CRA for us to follow on each project. There are standards and templates that were set by the CRA through the consultation of the Director of Operations, the Treasurers and the Capital Works Departments of each community.