Activities in Waskaganish

Discover unique experiences in the Cree Nation of Waskaganish and see the land through the eyes of the Crees; share the native culture, traditions, experience, and knowledge of the territory and its natural surroundings. We see tourism as an opportunity to proactively protect and further develop our rich cultural heritage and awareness. We want to promote sustainable methods of tourism by supporting the involvement and participation of local residents; We encourage the participation of our visitors so that your journey is one of personal discovery.

Many residents of the Cree community of Waskaganish are expert trappers and tallymen, born and raised in the bush. Their extensive knowledge and collective experience of the natural surroundings is passed down by generations of Cree. Today, the land speaks through them. They are excellent communicators and storytellers, and have for many years led group expeditions from France, Germany and the United States. The Waskaganish community will ensure that the travel experience is educational and meaningful for both the host and visitor.

Two important traditional activities are part of life in Waskaganish. The Goose hunt in the spring and the Moose hunt in the fall. These unique experiences provide a window into the ancestral traditional Cree life. The local trappers and hunters invite you to experience the hunt and life in the bush. 

Experience traditional & cultural lifestyle of the Crees and fish and trap with our local tallymen. Experience an unforgetable adventure and enjoy what mother nature has provided all of us.

Summer/ Fall Season: June to November - Moose Break

smokeyhillScooping Ciscoe at Smokey Hills Summer/ Fall Season: June to NovemberMoose break in November when families set for their traditional trapline for the annual moose hunt.

  • Sight seeing tours (natural environment)
  • Historical portage trails
  • Beach combing & trekking excursions
  • Visit historical/ traditional sites (Smokey Hills)
  • Canoe & camping excursions
  • Experience traditional & cultural lifestyle of local residents
  • Taste traditional foods prepared by the Cree host in a traditional tee-pee
  • Camp stories around evening fire/ oral history/ Cree legends
  • Sleep under the stars in traditional tee-pee
  • Lodge or log cabin accommodation
  • Fishing, setting nets, smoking fish (Sturgeon, Pike, Walleye, Trout)
  • Moose and bear hunting, setting traps, explore bear dens

Winter Season: January 15- April 15 - The Goose Break

teepeeWinter fun Winter Season: January 15- April 15The Goose break in May is a traditional holyday during which families spend 2 weeks in the bush for the annual goose hunt.

  • Sight seeing tours (natural environment)
  • Snowshoe, dog sledding and snowmobile excursions
  • Visit to historical/ traditional sites (Smokey Hills)
  • Lodge or log cabin accommodation
  • Overnight stay in traditional tee-pees during expeditions
  • Camp stories around evening fire in tee-pee/ oral history/ Cree legends
  • Taste traditional foods prepared by Cree host
  • Verify beaver traps, partridge & ptarmigan & caribou hunting, learn the preparation of traditional foods following the hunt
  • Experience traditional culture and lifestyle of local residents
  • Ice fishing on the Rupert River and Champion Lake
  • Traditional festivities in Waskaganish (Walking Out Ceremonies)
  • Experince the Northern Lights

Traditional Teepee.Moderate: Camp-style accommodation or traditional tee-pee, daily non-motorized travel between 4-6 hours. Land based product includes moderately rolling plains, some slopes. Trails are sometimes unmarked or not maintained. Water-based product: Class 2 rivers; mild rapids.

Challenging: Tee-pee or tent accommodation. First and last night stay in lodge. Daily non-motorized travel is between 5-7 hours. Relatively high level of effort. Water-based product: Class 3 rivers; mild to heavy rapids.